My first drawing is the picture of John Wall that i drew. I drew this because i like Kentuckys basketball team.


My next one is a brick wall with a guy in the crack. To me this symbolizes how we all hide behind things in life.
My next one is a guy in the crack of a brick wall. this to me symbolizes how we all hide at some point in our lives.

IMG_20120522_132954.jpgThis is the rapper Wiz Khalifia in the form of an alien. I like a lot of his music so thats what inspired me for this one.

IMG_20120522_132938.jpgThis is the first drawing i did this semester. i just drew stuff at random on this one but i enjoy it.

IMG_20120511_111556.jpgThis is one of the sketches i drew. its a mushroom singing to a catapiller creature that is about to eat him. it shows one side as evil and the other as good.